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Shopping in Brussels

  • Shopping at Galeries Saint Hubert-Sint Hubertusgalerijen. The world's first shopping mall, opened in 1847, is a light and airy triple-gallery enclosing boutiques, bookshops, cafés, restaurants, and a theater and cinema.

  • Beer Mania claims to have a stock of over 400 beers.

  • Film :

    • Excellence, 94 - 96 Boulevard Anspachlaan. A must for all movielovers. Great collection classics and rare dvd's, books, vintage movie posters, screenprints, postcards, ... . +32 2 502 84 68

  • Books :

    • Comic books and rare books. De Slegte on Rue des Grands Carmes-Lievevrouwbroersstraat, FNAC on Rue Neuve-Nieuwstraat

    • Brusel, 100 Boulevard Anspachlaan. Right in the center and one of the most up to date store when it comes to contemporary comics.

    • Filigranes, largest bookshop in Brussels, open 7 days a week, features a small bar/café inside and quite often live music, located at 39 Avenue des Arts-Kunstlaan.

    • Sterling Books One of the more popular english bookshops in downtown Brussels

    • Pele-Mele, Boulevard Maurice Lemonnierlaan, 55 & 59 (Metro "Anneessens") - maze-like, second-hand bookshop with huge selection of used books at bargain prices. Bookworm's paradise! You can't afford to miss it!

    • Waterstone's, 71-75 Boulevard Adolphe Maxlaan (Metro "De Brouckère"). English-language books.

  • FNAC, City 2 commercial center, Rue neuve. A big book/CD/DVD/electronics shop.

  • Mediamarkt, 111-123 Rue Neuve. This shop is at the uppermost level of the Galeria Inno department store. Sells CDs, DVDs and consumer electronics. Slightly cheaper than FNAC.

  • Chocolate:

    • Marcolini, 39 Place du Grand Sablon. Arguably the best belgian chocolates.

    • Wittamer, 6-12-13 Place du Grand Sablon. Another excellent chocolate maker.

  • General shopping along Rue Neuve-Nieuwstraat with GB supermarket at City 2 accessed from Rue Neuve-Nieuwstraat and Metro Rogier.

  • Galeria Inno, 111-123 Rue Neuve. Department store (fashion, cosmetics, etc.)

  • Belgian Lace is among the best in the world. Several shops are located at the Grand' Place-Grote Markt itself.


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