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Getting around Brussels

By train & bus

Brussels has 3 metro lines, many buses and several tram lines, all run by STIB-MIVB. A card that can be used for ten rides with public transport costs 11. One hour tickets cost 1.50 if pre-purchased and are available from the driver for 2. One, five and ten ride tickets are available at almost all metro and train stations. You validate the ticket in the small orange machines located in buses/trams, or at the entrace to metro stations/major tram stops. The orange machines time-stamp the ticket, both in ink and magnetically, and it will be valid for one hour. You can interrupt your ride and interchangeably use any STIB/MIVB transport. You should revalidate your ticket for each new ride. There are also one-day tickets available, for 4,00. On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays you can take another person with you.

Other forms of transport are:

By bike

Since 2006, the city offers low-cost short-term "CycloCity" rentals at various fixed locations near the central city. You need a credit card to rent a bike. The minimum is 0.50 for the first half hour, any additional hour costs 1, registration costs 1.50 and lasts a week. Be aware that the city is not bike friendly at all, and only recently has it started to provide some street marking for bikes. It is advisable to wear a helmet and a fluo vest. The bikes are robust, but rather heavy, sometimes an inconvenience on Brussels' many hills. More detailed information can be found here (French and Dutch).

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